Tortoise Housing: Which is right for my tortoise?

As you know, we do not sell our tortoises to just anyone. If you purchase a tortoise on it’s own, without a complete setup (tortoise package). we will ask for photos of your tortoise table and lighting setup.

This is solely to ensure that your baby tortoise gets the best start in life.

To help you along your way, here are some of the tables we are often presented with, which we will NOT accept for a Mediterranean or Horsfield tortoise;

  • Vivarium – Hot and humid, with little air flow. Suited only to tropical/South American species. Glass front causes stress.
  •  XL Tortoise Tables on eBay – This is not a tortoise table, it is a glorified Vivarium, adapted and re-named to sell to the unaware.
  •  Terraium – Mostly glass, so hot and humid. These are normally very small, as they are made for tiny frogs/insects or arachnids.
  •  Aquarium – As with the Viviarium, with the additional stress of see through sides.
  •  Daisy Tortoise House – Fitted with a lamp which only holds 40 watts, no space to add UV. Too short to be adapted with combination lighting.

Acceptable Tortoise Housing;

  • The Tortoise Shop Deluxe Pro Tortoise Table.
  • Monkfield Tortoise Table.
  • Vivexotic Viva Tortoise Table (not to be mistaken for Vivexotic Deluxe Tortoise Table, this is not acceptable).
  • Any wooden tortoise table you can build yourself, with sides no higher than 8″ and no glass or perspex. Call us to ensure you have the correct items to fill it, lighting, substrate, etc.

Grey Areas – These are tables we will accept, but only after modifications have been made;

  • Vividarium Tortoise Home – These tortoise tables are fine for about 2 years, at this stage the tortoise will no longer be able to use the head as a hide, the table will look too small with a hide or a bridge in and the Perspex will need to be painted over, before we will release a tortoise to you (see above, stress from see through sides).
  • Tortoise Table with Window – Acceptable if filled with the correct lighting and accessories, but will not be accepted until the glass/persepex is painted over.

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