Beware of Facebook Sellers

It has been brought to our attention that there is a Facebook page using our name and reputation to sell their tortoises. We want all to be aware that we do not work in conjunction with any other businesses, pages or groups. You will only ever receive replies from Gemma or Natalie through this page only, our official Twitter page and of course, through emails. You will never be forwarded a mobile number to contact someone else for collection, nor will anyone but Walkers European Transport deliver your tortoise. We will always send you to to place your order and will never request personal details or order numbers through Facebook.

I have included the screenshots sent to us from one of our customers, from messaging this page with interest in a tortoise. We understand that not everyone can spot red flags from Facebook scam, so please note what you see below.

1. They will never tell you their location. 2. They push for a sale without giving time for the customer to respond. 3. They show a website, known by many as a respectable business, with professional layout, but then push for the sale to be done outside of the website. This breaches the safety of your sale immediately. 4. They offer a discount based on fictional website fees.

We are unaware of how their scam works, whether you do get a tortoise, whether it’s legal or whether the tortoises are healthy. This post is mostly to make those who want to buy from us aware that Facebook is not the place to do it.

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