Hibernation Blog 4: Waking your tortoise from hibernation

This is the short and sweet one (or it was intended to be).

When it comes to waking up day, you’ll be very excited to see your shelled friend again. But this needs to be a slow process.Firstly, bring your tortoise out of the fridge or lift the inner box from the hibernation box if you are using the garage method. You can open the box if you can’t wait to check on your little one, but your tortoise does need to be left in it’s box at room temperature for the first 30 minutes, to acclimatise.Once your tortoise has started to wake up a little, it’s time for their bath. Remember, we are bringing their temperature up slowly, so just a luke warm bath for now.After 10-15 minutes in the bath, it is time to put your tortoise back in it’s tortoise table, with it’s lamp/s on.You can start offering food as soon as you like, but remember, it is a big change for the digestive tract, so small amounts and don’t be concerned if your tortoise doesn’t want to eat within the first couple of days.Thank you for taking the time to read these blogs. Good luck with your hibernation this year and don’t forget, we are here to help, don’t be afraid to ask questions 🙂

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