Hibernation Blog 1: Preparing your boxes to hibernate your tortoise in the fridge

Before winding down your tortoise, ensure that your fridge sits at a steady temperature between 2 and 5 degrees celcius. Small fluctuations are of no concern so long as they stay within this parameter. You will need a thermometer in the fridge throughout your tortoise’s hibernation.

Fridge hibernation is the most controlled method and the safest. It is important to have everything ready before your tortoise finishes it’s wind down.To begin you will need a plastic tub, big enough for the tortoise to turn around in and a cardboard box. Make sure there is a enough room to put your plastic box in and still have space around the plastic box. Make sure all boxes have air holes in them.

Once your tortoise’s wind down is complete you need to fill your plastic box half way with top soil. This then goes in the cardboard box surrounded by shredded paper. Close all boxes up with an elastic band and place your tortoise in the fridge.

Make sure to check our hibernation information for wind down and hibernation timescales, or continue reading our blogs.

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